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Camping economy fire, how can textile enterprises stabilize the Nuggets track?

Camping economy fire, how can textile enterprises stabilize the Nuggets track?

How popular is the camping economy? According to the data released by AI media consulting, the market scale of domestic campsites grew rapidly in 2021, with a growth rate of 78%, and the market scale reached 29.9 billion yuan. It is expected that the market scale will reach 35.46 billion yuan in 2022. On holidays, it is becoming a new way for many tourism enthusiasts to have a "trip at home" with a few friends and get close to the wild interests of nature. This kind of tourism consumption and leisure mode characterized by localization and small radius caters to the market demand of self drive tourism and self-service tourism, and opens up market imagination space for tourism related industries. In particular, with the introduction of various national and local support and incentive policies for the development of campsites, many textile enterprises have seen the market opportunities "exposed" by the continuous warming of the camping economy, and the investment intensity in the R & D and promotion of camping products has continued to increase. On the track of nuggets camping economy, how can textile enterprises go more steadily and further? "Exposed" big market As a simple leisure activity, camping not only provides a new channel for releasing tourism demand, but also provides a new track for many textile enterprises. Since this year, the sales of camping tents, damp proof mats, sleeping bags and other products have continued to rise. According to a report released by JD consumer and Industrial Development Research Institute, since April, the search volume of JD camping products has increased significantly by 145% year-on-year, and the turnover of tent / mat products has increased by 229% year-on-year. Products that improve the quality of camping have also received a lot of attention from consumers, and the turnover of canopy tents has increased nearly four times year-on-year. Sales of some entry-level products for outdoor camping, such as hydraulic tents and quick throw tents, continue to rise, indicating that a large number of early-stage outdoor user groups are joining the camping army. Camping tide "fire" out of the circle, providing a broad space for businesses. The market has a large demand for functional products such as windproof, sunscreen, waterproof, wear-resistant, quick drying, ventilation, temperature regulation, etc. For textile enterprises, these new consumer demands have high requirements on the technology and process of fabrics, which is not only a new business opportunity, but also the focus of research and development. Jiangsu Wujiang Wuzhou rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces tent fabrics. Meizhilong, general manager of the company, told the reporter of China Textile News that since this year, the demand for functional fabrics for tents has increased significantly, and each production line is running at full capacity. "Nowadays, the blowout camping demand puts forward higher requirements for the functionality of tent fabrics. Wuzhou rubber and plastic is mainly engaged in the post-treatment production of tent fabrics, giving new functions through coating, calendering and fitting, and improving the bargaining power of the market. These functional fabrics are very popular with customers, and they are currently speeding up production to keep up with the progress of customers' orders." Meizhilong said so. Zhejiang Ximen new materials Co., Ltd. recently set up a research and development project of aging resistant camping tent fabrics. According to the R & D personnel, the project mainly focuses on the aging resistance of tent fabrics, such as UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance and so on. Accelerate the deep cultivation of the domestic market Some international brands are smelling business opportunities and are stepping up product promotion in the Chinese market. At the 4th China International Import Expo, Decathlon unveiled its roof tent for the first time. Liushujiong, the brand director of decathlon camping, told reporters that this is the first time decathlon has launched a roof tent product in the Chinese market, which was launched in March this year. Gu Shanshan, President of Kelong sports (China) Co., Ltd., said that the camping economy is an emerging industry in China, and many consumers will not choose products with particularly high prices. Kelong will independently develop camping products that are more suitable for Chinese entry-level consumers. In the competition with international brands, some domestic brands have also entered the fast lane of development. Most of the tents produced by Zhejiang mugaodi outdoor products Co., Ltd. used to be sold to overseas markets in the form of OEM or OEM products. In 2021, mu Gaodi's domestic private brand business revenue exceeded 306 million yuan, an increase of 90% year-on-year, much faster than the growth rate of 28% of overseas business, and its proportion in the main business has increased from 25
Exclusive interview with Academician Jiang Shicheng: the high-quality development of chemical fiber should firmly focus on these three areas

Exclusive interview with Academician Jiang Shicheng: the high-quality development of chemical fiber should firmly focus on these three areas

At present, the most distinctive feature of China's economic construction in the new era is to lead China's economy to a high-quality development path with the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing". China's chemical fiber industry has gone through a bumpy and thorny entrepreneurial road from a "zero" start to today's world chemical fiber power. Today, 70% of the chemical fiber consumed in the world every year comes from China. Chinese chemical fiber enterprises have seized the opportunity of the times with strong, stable and efficient production and manufacturing capabilities as well as product R & D capabilities, and have established the "country of chemical fiber". However, standing at the crossroads of the new development stage, what is the direction of the industry to strive for next? This proposition is asking every chemical fiber enterprise day and night Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the guiding opinions on the high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), giving clear answers and directions. After the release of the document, our reporter connected Jiang Shicheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, to have an in-depth understanding of the technological innovation work that should be made for the high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry. From "following" to "running together" and "leading" Embrace the future of Chinese chemical fiber As the "father of dacron materials" in China, it is Jiang Shicheng who enriched the wardrobe of Chinese people who once could only wear cotton and linen; It was Jiang Shicheng who let such a material as "Dacron" fall from the altar of high price imports and enter the life of every ordinary Chinese people; It was the team led by Jiang Shicheng that created the first milestone with the glory of the times in the history of China's chemical fiber development. Today, China's chemical fiber industry has grown from small to large, and is trudging on the track of high-quality development from large to strong, In this regard, Jiang Shicheng said: "After the development of the 13th five year plan, the scientific and technological strength of China's chemical fiber industry has been greatly enhanced, and the technical level has entered a new stage from 'following' to 'leading' with the world's leading level, which has provided strong support for China's economic development, livelihood improvement, ecological optimization and national security. However, the industry should also be soberly aware that there is still a certain gap between the scientific and technological level of China's chemical fiber industry and the advanced level of foreign countries, mainly It is reflected in that basic theoretical research still needs to be strengthened, the ability of independent innovation still needs to be comprehensively improved, key core technologies still need to be tackled, the construction of multi-level talent team needs to be strengthened, and the industry still needs to continue to work on the road of high-quality development. " Jiang Shicheng said, "the scientific and technological development of China's chemical fiber industry should, on the basis of fully mastering the current situation, plan and layout key areas and their advanced technologies, strive to make up for the shortcomings of core technologies, master key technologies and common technologies, plan major projects and projects, and improve the sustainable development ability and core competitiveness of the industry." Jiang Shicheng believes that the next industry development should focus on these three areas: fiber new materials, green manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing. Specifically, the development level of new fiber materials is related to the national economy, social development and national security. Next, enterprises need to focus on the technological progress of functional fibers, bio based fibers, high-performance fibers and recycled fibers. In addition, cutting-edge fiber new materials such as nanofibers, smart fibers, biomedical fibers and degradable fibers are areas that need to be focused on for the high-quality development of the industry. In the field of green manufacturing, Jiang Shicheng said, "green and environmental protection processes, oiling agents, additives and catalysts, green fiber certification, platform system construction and promotion are all topics that need to be tackled for the high-quality development of chemical fiber." During the "14th five year plan" period, green manufacturing will become the main battlefield for the manufacturing industry to achieve the "double carbon" goal. Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization is also an inevitable choice for the future sustainable development of the textile industry. To this end, the Chine
High performance fiber: support the

High performance fiber: support the "national treasure" and write the legend of textile "from heaven to earth"

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, T800 grade high-strength carbon fiber composite, combined with aerospace carbon fiber composite molding process, achieved a breakthrough in China's Winter Olympics double snowmobile from 0 to 1; 3D printing customized carbon fiber helmet fits the athlete's face, ensuring the safety and comfort of athletes in the competition; The "Feiyang" torch shell is made of high temperature resistant carbon fiber materials, which solves the application bottleneck of carbon fiber composites under extreme conditions, and realizes the normal use of the torch shell in the hydrogen combustion environment above 800 ℃. On C919 domestic large aircraft, 15% of the fuselage is made of resin based carbon fiber materials. For the first time, polysulfone fiber is used in the cabin to make chair covers and door curtains, so that the large aircraft can be "slimmed down" again, with less fuel consumption, lower cost and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The navigation mark, which provides safety information for various water activities, adopts new carbon fiber, which has long service life, waterproof and moisture-proof, is not easy to deform, and is not afraid of seawater erosion, making the navigation mark more "built". In recent years, high-performance fibers have helped advanced manufacturing with the momentum of "kuiran", reflecting outstanding value in extreme application fields such as safety protection, wind turbine blades, pressure vessels, aerospace, etc., supporting the "national weight", and writing the legend of textile "from heaven to earth". In recent years, Chinese fiber trends have successively introduced ultra-high strength carbon fiber, medium modulus and high strength carbon fiber prepreg, high strength and high modulus carbon fiber, carbon fiber for pressure vessels, dyeable polyimide fiber, low-cost large tow PAN based carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high elongation meta aramid fiber, micro nano Para aramid fiber, etc., which have played an indispensable role in various application fields. 01 High performance fibers are fruitful During the "13th five year plan" period, China's high-performance fiber new material technology has been steadily improved to continuously meet the development needs of aerospace, national defense and military industry, environmental protection, medical and health care and other fields. The technology of dry jet wet spinning and wet spinning of carbon fiber has been gradually improved, the production efficiency has been further improved, and the variety of high-end products has been gradually enriched. T1000 grade, M40, M40J, m55j and other carbon fibers have the ability of engineering preparation, and 25K large tow carbon fibers have been industrialized; Breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies and equipment of kiloton para aramid engineering, and high-strength and high model para aramid products have been localized; High strength and high modulus polyimide fiber, meta aramid fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, continuous basalt fiber and so on have achieved rapid development. Among them, there are various high-performance fiber materials that have emerged on the Chinese fiber fashion trend publishing platform. Jiangsu Aoshen New Material Co., Ltd. has successively released products such as non dye polyimide fiber and easy dye polyimide fiber. Polyimide fiber has excellent flame retardancy, warmth retention, high temperature resistance, antibacterial and other properties. The fabric made of polyimide fiber has the properties of low burning damage length, zero smoldering duration, no melt dripping, etc. it can effectively protect the safety of firefighters when used in Fire clothing. Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., as the first enterprise in China to master the dry jet wet spinning technology of carbon fiber, relying on the technical advantages of dry jet wet spinning, has achieved the industrialized mass production of T700, T800, T1000 and other different levels of carbon fiber, successfully filled the gap of domestic high-end carbon fiber, and established the company's leading position in the field of domestic carbon fiber technology. In recent years, Zhongfu Shenying has successively launched sym40 high-strength and high modulus carbon fiber and ultra-high strength carbon fiber on the Chinese fiber fashion trend release platform, which have been widely used. Hf30f carbon fiber and hf40t high-strength medium modulus carbon fiber for pressure vessels launched by Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd. were selected into the fiber trends in China in 2020 and 2022 respectively. These products are targeted products launched by Hengshen according to the application needs of the state-owned market. Among them, hf30f carbon fiber is superior to imported equivalent products in modulus, and hf40t carbon fiber is superior to imported equivalent products in strength. In recent years, Jilin chemical fiber group has c
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