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The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully in the cloud

The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully in the cloud

2021-04-29 16:33

Steady growth in the number of purchasers

The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully in the cloud

On April 24, the 129th Canton Fair, which lasted for 10 days, came to an end. Xu Bing, spokesman of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the success of the Canton Fair, with the concept of "opening up, cooperation and win-win", and the theme of "Canton Fair on the cloud and mutual benefit all over the world", has not only made due contributions to consolidating the momentum of stabilizing foreign trade, promoting the innovation and development of foreign trade, and unblocking the global industrial chain supply chain, It has also injected strong impetus into World Trade and economic recovery.

Exhibition on the cloud

"The effect is very good. More people come to inquire than the first online Canton Fair." Yu Liwei, marketing specialist of Shenzhen Guofang Supply Chain Development Co., Ltd., happily told the international business daily that the company mainly produces and exports flour accessories and other products, and the Canton Fair is the main channel for enterprises to obtain overseas customers. Since last year, the company has participated in the online Canton Fair for three times in a row. From unfamiliar to familiar, the company has contacted the live webcast, promoted the online customer expansion from scratch, and from water testing to the free use of social platform drainage, more and more customers have been negotiated online... Now, she can easily do global business at home.

This is not a case in point. Xu Bing said that as of April 24, the official website of the current Canton Fair had visited 35.38 million times in total, and buyers from 227 countries and regions registered for the exhibition. The number of buyers increased steadily, and the source areas reached a new high, continuing to maintain the characteristics of diversification and globalization.

Compared with the prudence of the first online Canton fair when it first hit the net, this year's foreign trade people's cloud display is more comfortable. Many exhibitors said that when the salesmen first participated in the live broadcast of the Canton Fair, they were very nervous about the camera. Now they are relaxed and do their best to attract more audiences. For example, the salesman will use the sharing function developed by the online Canton Fair to widely publish the exhibition information to wechat circle of friends, Facebook and other platforms to attract potential customers to watch the live broadcast.

At the 129th Canton Fair, Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. launched the newly developed "lightning" series products - thunder250, which attracted a large number of customers to inquire. In an interview with the international business daily, Ying'er, the chairman of the company, said that the new series of motorcycles highlight the word "interesting", with brand-new design in chassis, frame, front fork and other aspects. Judging from the exhibition effect of the current Canton Fair, it is estimated that the number of orders received this year will reach about 10000, bringing more new technologies and good products to customers, It will also drive the export of enterprises to grow steadily.

Affected by the epidemic, the Canton Fair has been held online for three consecutive times. In this regard, Xu Bing commented that from the 127th to the 129th session, the number of exhibits uploaded by exhibitors, the source of registered purchasers and the number of visits to the official website of the Canton Fair reached new highs, which not only maintained the stability of the overall scale, maintained and enhanced the brand influence of the Canton Fair, but also provided a basis for stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment through real trade results It has made positive contributions to the innovation and development of foreign trade.

Plan to restart offline Exhibition

"We are looking forward to the resumption of offline exhibitions as soon as possible." Liang Yufeng, assistant president of Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., expressed the expectations of many enterprises. He said that although online exhibition has many advantages, trade is not only a matter of first-hand delivery and first-hand money, but also emotional communication, which requires face-to-face interaction. Once the enterprises and products are thoroughly discussed, business opportunities will naturally come. What's more, enterprises can actively recommend innovative products and preferential policies to customers through offline exhibitions. At the same time, they can learn the demand changes and the latest trends of the global market from customers. They can see the development trend of the industry from many exhibitors, so as to promote enterprises to adjust supply and make products more marketable.

In an interview with international business daily, Li yunhuan, sales director of Dongguan youYou Meiju home Manufacturing Co., Ltd., also said that the Canton Fair is very important for the company to expand new customers, and enterprises attach great importance to both online and offline exhibitions. However, due to the fact that many customers are not used to online procurement and the poor network conditions in some countries, offline exhibition is more conducive to business expansion. However, he said that with the increase of foreign young buyers and the development of Internet economy, they are still optimistic about the prospect of online exhibitions, and enterprises will continue to promote online customer expansion while participating offline. Some business people also worry that the acceleration of vaccination and the resumption of overseas exhibitions will cause customer churn, so it is necessary to create conditions to start offline exhibitions as soon as possible.

Xu Bing said that the Canton Fair will actively plan to restart offline physical exhibitions as soon as possible, and promote the integration of online and offline exhibitions. At the same time, the Canton Fair will accelerate the digital transformation, apply digital technology to all aspects of exhibition organization, investment promotion and service, continuously improve the level of digitization and convenience, and create higher commercial value for exhibition merchants.


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