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Cheer for the Olympics! Big country brand biyin lefen helps the Tokyo Olympic Games with five-star robe II!

Cheer for the Olympics! Big country brand biyin lefen helps the Tokyo Olympic Games with five-star robe II!

2021-07-24 09:26
        After a year of waiting, the Tokyo Olympic Games finally entered the countdown. Four famous players of China's National Golf Team (hereinafter referred to as the national team), yuan Yechun, Wu ashun, Feng Shanshan and Lin Xiyu, will fight in Tokyo, and this is the second full participation of the national team in the Olympic Games!
In addition to the attention of the participating athletes, the athletes' participating equipment is also expected. Today, the second generation of Chinese national golf team's Olympic uniform, five-star robe II, created by biyin lefen, was officially announced.

Take the country as the tide and add color to the Olympic Games
   While continuing the fashion, elegance, high-tech and high-grade of the first generation of five-star war robes, the five-star war robe II combines the national flag color with the traditional color of the Forbidden City. In the gradual change of color, the "flying dragon" rises in the air, hidden in auspicious clouds and auspicious Qi, full of auspicious blessings and wishes. By using Golf ergonomics and collecting and analyzing the sports data of Olympic athletes, we can customize the best version for Olympic athletes. At the same time, high-tech fabrics with hygroscopic, fast drying, breathable and UV resistance are selected all over the world to ensure that Olympic athletes swing soundly, light and zero burden.

Set up Olympic awards to fight for national honor
     It is the mission and responsibility of every Chinese child to be proud of the country and win glory for the country. Biyin lefen specially set up the Olympic gold medal reward of China's national golf team. In the Tokyo Olympic Games, the male and female athletes who won the gold medal will receive a reward of 3 million yuan to fight for national honor together with the Olympic athletes!

For 16 years, go hand in hand with China
   As a partner of the national team for 16 years, biyinlefen has fought together with the national team since 2013, witnessing the development of Chinese golf. From Rio Olympics to Tokyo Olympics and even the next two Olympic Games, biyinlefen will never forget his original intention, gather world forces and make a good dress. Create event equipment comparable to the world for Olympic athletes, help the national team win medals and show the world the charm of Chinese golf.
   The Olympic athletes in Tokyo are about to set off. Biyin lefen sincerely wishes Chinese Olympic athletes to shine brightly in the world arena, win gold medals and win glory for the country!

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