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These most beautiful textile people who advocate virtue and goodness have become candidates for the eighth national moral model

These most beautiful textile people who advocate virtue and goodness have become candidates for the eighth national moral model

2021-07-29 08:36

Editor's note: in order to promote the formation of a strong atmosphere of advocating morality and goodness, looking forward to excellence and acting in a virtuous world in the whole society, the Central Propaganda Department, the central civilization office, the all China Federation of trade unions, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the all China Women's Federation and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission organized the selection and commendation of the eighth national moral model, and widely carried out deeds publicity in the media since July 15. China's 100th anniversary novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first to be selected. The commendation is to celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China, and focus on the struggle for "14th Five-Year" and Fen Jinxin's journey. In the light of major events such as winning the well-off society, fighting the poverty struggle and fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, 322 types of 5 national moral models, such as helping others, being courageous, honest, dedicated, filial piety, love and love, are selected. Four outstanding representatives of the textile industry entered the candidate list.

Shi Liping: Inheriting "Miao embroidery culture"
Embroidered war fruit

Shi Liping, chairman of Guizhou Tongren Songtao Fanjingshan Miao cultural tourism product development Co., Ltd

Shi Liping, who has won the titles of "national advanced individual in poverty alleviation" and "national March 8th red flag bearer", is the chairman of Fanjingshan Miao cultural tourism product development Co., Ltd. in Songtao, Tongren City, Guizhou Province. As the seventh generation inheritor of Songtao Miao embroidery in Guizhou Province, she is committed to inheriting the "Miao embroidery culture", transforming fingertip skills into poverty alleviation industry, and driving more than 300 poor households out of poverty smoothly. With great love, she transformed the inheritance of Miao embroidery into the transmission of love, and donated more than 2 million yuan in poverty alleviation and development, helping the weak and the disabled, disaster relief, and helping poor students.

Shi Liping cares about her hometown and turns her fingertip skills into a poverty alleviation industry. In 2013, she went deep into the countryside for many times to mobilize villagers to participate in Miao embroidery skill training, and trained more than 2000 Miao embroidery experts. She actively explored a new way for rural women to start a business and obtain employment without leaving home, adopted the flexible employment mode of "company + base + farmers", implemented the salary mode of "piece based + benefit + product commission", lifted more than 130 poor people out of poverty, and provided more than 4000 women in the county with platforms and opportunities for home employment and entrepreneurship.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia isolated people in the spring of 2020. Shi Liping worried about the workers who moved to poverty alleviation and relocation sites, worried about their income reduction or facing the danger of unemployment. Finally, she found a way to open home employment for family workshops. Since then, several family workshops have been opened one after another, and the monthly income of employees is 2000 yuan, which ensures the stable income increase of employees in the relocation and resettlement sites during the epidemic prevention and control period. In addition, if students need help, as long as they connect the video, Shi Liping will give careful guidance at the first time.

In July 2020, a round of heavy rainfall hit Songtao Miao Autonomous County of Tongren City, affecting many places and damaging roads. After hearing the news, Shi Liping went to the countryside for several days to visit xiuniang and send living materials to help the affected people tide over the difficulties. It is learned that some rural roads in two towns are rugged and difficult to travel. Shi Liping has donated 600000 yuan to build roads, which has changed the old appearance of the village road with a total length of about 10km, which not only facilitates people's travel, but also opens up business opportunities.

Liu Xianfu: screening "Red Classics"
Light up the "new life" of the masses

Liu Xianfu, laid-off worker of Boli towel factory, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province

Liu Xianfu, who won the title of "the most beautiful worker in Longjiang", is a laid-off worker of Boli County towel factory, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province. Over the past 25 years, Liu Xianfu has volunteered to show red films in his hometown Boli County, covering urban and rural areas, and has become a "non editorial" patriotism education propagandist; He insisted on taking care of the orphaned and widowed elderly, martyr mothers and left behind children; In the fight against the epidemic, he was injured on the night shift for more than 100 days. As a retired soldier, Liu Xianfu has always maintained his indelible retirement, showing unlimited loyalty to the party and the people.

Liu Xianfu joined the army at the age of 18. After returning from the army to work, he worked steadily, regardless of personal gains and losses, and was rated as "advanced worker" for many consecutive years. With the disintegration of the original unit, Liu Xianfu became a laid-off worker. When he was a school volunteer counselor, he found that students' patriotism education was particularly important. To this end, Liu Xianfu, who is not rich, raised more than 60000 yuan, bought four sets of film projectors, more than 100 patriotic education films and a tricycle, and began to play films voluntarily for 25 years.

In the winter of 2017, when he came back from a screening, he slipped into a deep ditch with people and equipment, and his waist was seriously sprained. In August 2020, his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and needed hospitalization. In order not to delay the screening, he asked his daughter to accompany him first. In order to facilitate the elderly to watch movies, he often goes to the nursing home and the elderly's home and moves the projector to the elderly's Kang. Before each movie, he also took everyone to sing red songs. Nowadays, watching patriotic education films has become a tradition and a fashion in Boli County.

Since the development of party history learning and education, Liu Xianfu has joined the Qitaihe happy volunteer volunteer service corps, established a "red light and film screening team", promoted film screening to the whole city, and volunteered to show red classic films for citizens. Only in the new town on the North Bank of Xinxing District, it attracted thousands of people and became a highlight of the city's party history learning and education.

In addition to screening films, Liu Xianfu also takes poverty alleviation as his mission pursuit. Over the years, he has volunteered to take care of the elderly Liu Jingyu and Ma Shengzhi, a family with five guarantees. On Chinese New Year holidays, he often visited the mother of Li Houliang, a hero of Wei, and insisted on it for many years. When he learned that Zhao Hongfei, a primary school student, was about to drop out of school because of his poor family, he immediately invested in helping... There are many such ways to help the poor and the weak. During the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia, Liu Xianfu actively coordinated with the streets and communities to do epidemic surveillance, publicity and guidance, and card prevention and control. In the hard night shift, his hands and feet were frostbitten in the severe cold weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius, but he still stuck to his post with injuries and became the backbone of the local fight against the epidemic.

Li Wanghua: helping the disabled out of poverty
Create a better life

Li Wanghua, general manager of Hainan Wanghua love Clothing Co., Ltd

Li Wanghua, general manager of Hainan Wanghua love Clothing Co., Ltd., who has won the title of "national model for self-improvement", has a strong spirit and self-improvement, started an enterprise independently, driven and trained hundreds of disabled people to master garment processing skills, and truly provided a platform for disabled people to create value and get rich through work, Guide and drive the disabled to enter the society bravely with the entrepreneurial spirit of self-improvement and self-reliance.

At the age of 3, Li Wanghua lost his left leg due to polio. But she didn't give in to fate, studied textile and sewing skills hard, started her own business and started a clothing wholesale business. In 2011, Li Wanghua and his friends started the company in partnership. In 2013, Li Wanghua's son was born with a happy family and a successful career. She realized her childhood dream, but she still has something in her heart, that is, to establish an enterprise to help more disabled people find employment and live a happy life together.

In 2016, Li Wanghua founded Hainan Wanghua love Clothing Co., Ltd., which has driven and trained hundreds of disabled people to master garment processing and production skills, so that they can find dignity and value in the process of employment. Li Wanghua cares about disabled employees from the bottom of her heart, personally takes sick disabled employees to see a doctor, pays medical expenses, and provides day care places for children of disabled employees free of charge. In 2019, Li Wanghua invested more than 1.2 million yuan to build a poverty alleviation workshop, mainly to carry out garment processing and production, provide day care services for the severely disabled in rural areas, solve the problems of local and nearby employment of poor households, poor disabled persons and their families, and walk out a new poverty alleviation path of increasing farmers' income, industrial development, enterprise growth and win-win results. Since its establishment, the maximum salary of employees has reached more than 8000 yuan, providing a platform for farmers to create value and become rich through labor.

When novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in 2020, the major hospitals in Hainan consumed a lot of protective materials and were in urgent need. Li Wanghua immediately called the employees back to the factory and continuously produced more than 6000 medical supplies worth more than 300000 yuan for many hospitals in the province and supporting Wuhan medical team, so as to alleviate the urgent needs of the hospital. Through many years of cooperation with partners, Li Wanghua urgently purchased more than 60000 yuan worth of protective articles such as masks, protective clothing and alcohol, donated them to the front-line of anti epidemic medical care in time, and donated protective materials to enterprises founded by the disabled to help return to work and production.

Chen Jinying: "grandma integrity"
Transfer positive energy

Chen Jinying, person in charge of Zhejiang Lishui Xinghua down products Co., Ltd

Chen Jinying, who won the "list of good people in China", is the person in charge of Zhejiang Lishui Xinghua down products Co., Ltd.

When she set up a factory at the age of 53, she started with 3000 yuan and started a difficult business. When the enterprise encountered difficulties and owed a large amount of money, she chose to be brave at the age of 80. In order to repay the debt as soon as possible, the old man set up a stall against the cold wind. At the age of 90, he finally paid off all the debt, which is known as "honest grandma".

In the early 1980s, after retirement, Chen Jinying established a garment factory specializing in making down jackets for the elderly. In September 2011, the company's capital chain was broken due to shareholder divestment, resulting in a huge debt of 20.77 million yuan. Jin Ying is 80 years old. She was advised to file for bankruptcy so that the remaining debts would not have to be paid. Instead of making such a choice, she sold the plant at a low price of 9 million yuan, sold two houses under her name, repaid 18 million yuan, and there was still 2.77 million yuan in arrears. Some creditors saw that she was old and put forward that "it's not enough". Chen Jinying said, "be honest. I can't break my promise anyway. I will pay back the money. In life, you can hunch your back, but you can't bend your waist! "

81 year old Chen Jinying rented a small factory and took several old workers to continue production. However, the sales of down jacket is not smooth, and the products are overstocked. By the end of the year, she could not even pay the salaries of 12 employees. Chen Jinying was determined to set up a stall on the street to sell down clothes as soon as she had time. She managed to scrape together 120000 yuan. She gave the money to the employees and let them have a year of peace of mind. In this way, she saved her money and paid off her debts one by one. Until the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, 90 year old Chen Jinying paid off the last debt of 70000 yuan and crossed off the last name on the repayment list.


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