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Summer practice of College Students' textile aid Corps in Xinjiang to support Xinjiang cotton

Summer practice of College Students' textile aid Corps in Xinjiang to support Xinjiang cotton

2021-08-13 15:06
China Youth Daily client news (Liu Yuankang, Yang Yuqiong, Zhongqing daily · reporter Wang Yejie) in July and August every year, Xinjiang cotton will enter the flower and boll period. At this time, one of the "one belt, one road" national textile aid Jiang League (led by the Donghua University) will be coming to the largest cotton producing area in the country to carry out summer social practice. So far, the activities of assisting Xinjiang have lasted for 10 years.
This year, a total of 69 teachers and students from textile colleges and universities across the country formed 10 teams to carry out summer social practice in two autonomous prefectures and three prefectures (districts) in Xinjiang. Each team helped small and medium-sized textile enterprises find and solve problems through research and analysis.

Textile discipline has always been the dominant discipline of Donghua University. Since 2011, the Xinjiang aid Corps has continuously carried out practical projects such as policy and theory publicity, technical training and social investigation by taking advantage of the discipline advantages. Over the past 10 years, the team has covered 5 autonomous prefectures and 13 prefectures (districts) in Xinjiang, visited more than 430 enterprises, trained more than 20000 employees, signed more than 30 cooperation agreements, and completed 800000 words of research reports, attracting and driving a large number of teachers and students of national textile colleges and universities to actively join the practice team, and "spinning" has created a characteristic road to aid Xinjiang.

"We usually focus on practical operation in the workshop and rarely contact theory. The teaching of the Xinjiang aid group can let me understand some basic principles to deal with the problems in production. " Yang huaidong, an employee of the enterprise, said that he had participated in the teaching and training of the Xinjiang aid Corps for five consecutive years and successfully obtained the completion certificate every year.
It is reported that this year, Donghua University's Xinjiang aid group mainly carried out a series of teaching and training for Xinjiang textile and garment enterprises and vocational and technical high schools. They tailor the theme and specific course content according to the characteristics and needs of the teaching object.
In addition to teaching and training, enterprise research is also an important task of the Xinjiang aid mission. The Luntai unit of Xinjiang aid Corps came to the mask production workshop to experience the process and process of medical mask production from zero distance; Bachu team went into local textile enterprises to investigate the production status and production management of the plant; Alar team invited employees to fill in a questionnaire to understand the flow of cotton textiles in Xinjiang and employees' attitudes and views on the "Xinjiang cotton" incident; Korla team went into the cotton field in Xinjiang to have an in-depth understanding of the soil and climate environment in which cotton grows.
One belt, one road, is the Qiu Yiping, who is the sponsor of the delegation, the chief commander and the textile School of Donghua University. He helped the Xinjiang Group to cooperate with the star clothing group of Yuli County and set up the "one belt" national university student textile aid group, the experimental plant of Apocynum venetum, to promote the production and construction of the whole industry chain of Apocynum venetum.

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