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From "King posture" to rhythmic expansion, Chinese jacket seven wolves hit the "second curve"

From "King posture" to rhythmic expansion, Chinese jacket seven wolves hit the "second curve"

2021-08-26 09:35

The world's aesthetic discourse is spreading eastward, and Chinese fashion is back to the top again. On the afternoon of August 18, 2021, the seven wolves brand strategy conference was grandly held in Xiamen qishang hotel. With the theme of "China jacket, China seven wolves", the event gathered dozens of offline local media to attend, as well as national online media and guests to participate in the press conference at the same time. With the joint participation of industry leaders, experts and scholars and mainstream media, we discussed the road of high-quality innovation and development of China's jacket industry, which indicates that seven wolves will open a new fashion era on the road of China's jacket leader.

Su Bingtian, spokesman of guanxuan brand, led China jacket to interpret China's attitude

At the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation ended with 38 gold, 32 silver and 18 bronze. Behind the highlights are vivid individuals. For example, Su Bingtian, who broke into the men's 100m finals, has become the "new top stream" pursued by the young generation with the spirit of constantly breaking through the limit and never giving up, connecting the national sports enthusiasm and national pride.

As the seven wolves closely following the pace of the new generation, at the press conference, Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of the seven wolves, officially announced the signing of Su Bingtian and said: "Su Bingtian is the pride of China and Asia. His spirit of pursuing perfection is very consistent with the seven wolves." Indeed, Su Bingtian broke the Asian record in 9.83 seconds and created a new Asian record. His fighting spirit of hard work and self breakthrough is highly consistent with the brand core of challenging life and endless struggle advocated by seven wolves. Seven wolves will work with Asian flying men to convey Chinese attitude with jacket fashion and create Chinese jacket and Chinese seven wolves.

Su Bingtian, who is still isolated after returning from the Olympic venue, failed to visit the scene in person, but said through video connection: "the speed of the arena is also the accelerated rise of Chinese brands. I always like the seven wolves brand because I agree with the hot-blooded struggle spirit transmitted by the seven wolves and appreciate the Chinese design concept highlighted by the seven wolves fashion jacket. I'm lucky to speak for seven wolves fashion business men's wear. Seven wolves, come on! "

For 21 consecutive years, the king of jackets has ranked first in terms of market share

jacket is a popular clothing item since the 1990s, and it is also the fulcrum for the seven wolves to pry the men's clothing market. At that time, people were keen to pursue a new way of life, and the most embodiment of the way of life was clothing. The original classic jacket of seven wolves, the color changing jacket, is made of high-tech design and raw materials and two-color silk thread. Once launched, it is popular all over the country. So far, seven wolves have become the head camp of jacket brand. In the following time, seven wolves continued to explore the edge of the integration of high quality and innovation of jacket products. We have successively launched detachable and washable split jacket cotton padded clothes, classic stand collar lattice jacket, "double-sided jacket" and other products to break the original shackles of jacket products from the aspects of process, fabric, version and use scene.

On the road of continuous innovation and exploration, seven wolves' brilliant performance has repeatedly won national and industry important awards. Fair endorsement and consumer recognition make seven wolves take the lead and bear more industry responsibilities. As early as 2004, as the only private enterprise, seven wolves participated in the formulation of FZ / t81008-2004 jacket industry standard and won the special contribution award for standardization work of the first national garment Standardization Technical Committee. In the following years, it established the status of demonstration enterprise of industry standard. In March this year, seven wolves won the honor of "advanced unit of standardization" again issued by the national garment Standardization Technical Committee and the Standardization Technical Committee of China Garment Association. It is not difficult to find that while constantly exploring its own development path, seven wolves also care about the upgrading and rejuvenation of the industry, share industry technology with the friendship of progress, and help make in China and the development of national fashion industry while moving forward steadily.

In addition, seven wolves have insight into consumer needs, combined with fashion trends, superimposed brand wolf culture, in-depth R & D and design, and innovated scientific and technological fabric technology, so that it has been favored by consumers and many stars. According to the statistical results of commodity sales in the Chinese market jointly investigated and released by the China Federation of Commerce and the all China Business Information Center, seven wolf jacket has ranked first in the comprehensive market share of similar products for 21 consecutive years, and its reputation as the "king of jacket" is well deserved.

In the new development stage, the state "accelerates the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other", which is a major development opportunity for domestic brands. Seven wolf is a typical representative of China's jacket Market. As the fashion leader of China's jacket, seven wolf is the first listed company of men's wear in China and has maintained a good record of continuous profitability since its establishment. Behind this achievement, seven wolves are continuing to write industry legends with their strength.

Upgrade multidimensional cooperation strategy and make every effort to build the brand advanced road of "China jacket".The cornerstone of fame and industry has been started, and the grasp of the situation and situation still needs to be carried out. Facing the new transformation and upgrading, seven wolves re-examine and focus on the core main business, return to product and cultural competitiveness, and explore potential market opportunities with reform and innovation. At the seven wolves brand strategy press conference, seven wolves jointly launched the in-depth cooperation strategy with, China famous brand magazine of Xinhua news agency, publicity and education center of the Ministry of ecological environment and China Fashion Designers Association, focused on the core categories of jackets in many ways, and made every effort to create the brand strategic choice of "China jackets".

It is reported that seven wolves will launch a series of "Chinese attitude" products to express the Chinese people's attitude and spiritual core through fashion jackets and present them to consumers. At the same time, will jointly launch a series of activities of "telling Chinese stories in fashion and transmitting Chinese attitude to the world", re-examine and focus on the core main business, return to product and cultural competitiveness, and let China jacket go to the world fashion T-stage.

Moreover, "environmental protection" has always been an inseparable topic of fashion. In recent years, various luxury brands have raised the banner of environmental protection one after another. As the leading brand of Chinese jacket, seven wolves said that they would adopt a sustainable fashion strategy, launch a series of environmentally friendly fabric products, achieve strategic cooperation with the publicity and education center of the Ministry of ecology and environment, support the United Nations Convention on biological diversity, support COP15, advocate the protection of endangered animals and re integrate upstream and downstream, The concept of sustainable development runs through every link to make a real environmental friendly jacket for the Chinese people and even the world.

Live up to expectations and never forget your original heart. Batch after batch of cutting-edge domestic products are emerging in the Chinese market. Many old brands with good popularity and reputation are also embracing the new era and moving towards a new road to reshape brand vitality. Today's protagonist, seven wolves, is naturally one of them. Chairman of seven wolves said at the press conference that seven wolves will cooperate with China Fashion Designers Association to jointly establish the "seven wolves China jacket fashion trend research center" to lead the development of jacket fashion trend. At the same time, cooperate with China famous brand magazine of Xinhua news agency to explore the development path of Chinese famous brand fashion culture in the hearts of young people, and show the fashion attitude of Chinese young people incisively and vividly in the seven wolf jacket. Moreover, seven wolves are well aware that "image strategy is the spiritual core of brand development". Therefore, in the future development strategy, seven wolves will comprehensively start the terminal new image project, optimize the channel structure and improve the channel image.

At the end of the press conference, the president of China Textile Industry Federation also said at the scene: the opportunity of the development of the times and the mission of national rejuvenation are giving Chinese clothing brands a new historical responsibility. The new trend and trend of the development of a new generation of Chinese fashion brands will also represent the world fashion market with Chinese style and leading global fashion.

Fashion is the right to speak and soft power. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the prosperity and strength of the country, cultural self-confidence and fashion leadership are the due meaning. Clothing leads the rise of national brands and promotes the surge of national tide. China's fashion industry is showing a new atmosphere and trend. As the leader of Chinese fashion jacket, seven wolves is constantly giving full play to the wolf spirit, constantly refreshing the definition of men's jacket with continuous product innovation and style breakthrough, becoming a world-class jacket leader and leading Chinese fashion to the world!


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