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The 3rd China Bio fiber industry development alliance conference was successfully held

The 3rd China Bio fiber industry development alliance conference was successfully held

2021-10-23 13:48

On the afternoon of October 10, the third China Bio fiber industry development alliance conference and the new product conference of "Baicao Lavender modified nylon" hosted by Qingdao Baicao new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Baicao) was successfully held during the 2021 China International Textile (autumn and winter) yarn exhibition.

Zheng Junlin, vice president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Wang Huaping, Professor of Donghua University and director of the Key Laboratory of high performance fibers and products of the Ministry of education, Guo Ruijiang, Secretary General of Qingdao textile and garment industry association, Huang Xiaohua, chairman of China Bio fiber industry development alliance and chairman of Qingdao Baicao new materials Co., Ltd, Zhen Li, Secretary General of China Great bio fiber industry development alliance, Chi Shan, R & D director of Qingdao Baicao new materials Co., Ltd., as well as relevant representatives and media representatives from universities, downstream spinning, fabrics, home textiles, brands and other enterprises attended the meeting. This press conference was broadcast simultaneously in the "cloud" of the live broadcast room of fiber new vision. In special times, many domestic and foreign audiences who can't reach the scene can enjoy hundreds of herbs through online live broadcast? Product charm.

The whole industry chain can be traced to build a cloud brain of big biological industry

China big bio Fiber Industry Development Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance"), established in September 2020, is a non-profit social group voluntarily composed of domestic enterprises engaged in the R & D, production and application of big bio fibers, as well as relevant universities, scientific research institutes and scientific and technological service institutions. The alliance adopts the "top-down integration and one-stop" mode to build a large biological fiber industry chain, give full play to the collaborative innovation role of relevant universities, authoritative testing institutions, supply chain enterprises and brand enterprises, and enhance the industrial service capacity, so as to promote the healthy development of the large biological fiber industry.



In his speech, Huang Xiaohua said that as the leading sponsor of the alliance, Qingdao Baicao will, as always, fully support the construction of the alliance and the development of large biological categories around the mission, objectives and tasks of the alliance. Actively build a "Baicao cloud" platform, implement the B2B2C company strategy, build a new traceable model of the whole industry chain of "raw materials - products - Brands - channels - consumers", become the carrier of the intelligent information platform serving big biological product brands and users, and build a "cloud brain of big biological industry". Plant Baicao in the consumer life circle ", through the links and contents of design, strengthen the category awareness of big biological products, highlight the attraction of" Baicao "brand, make the public love" Baicao "big biological textiles; improve the large-scale production of products containing Baicao by supply chain and brand customers, and promote the accelerated spontaneous operation of big biological industry.



Zheng Junlin, vice president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said in his speech that the grand bio fiber industry development alliance conference and Qingdao Baicao new product release activity are the embodiment of the new alliance concept of cooperation, advance and retreat, development and strategy. Through the close cooperation of alliance enterprises, China will gradually realize the large-scale and high-level application of bio based fibers in China, Promote the development of China's bio based fiber industry and accelerate the green and low-carbon upgrading of China's chemical fiber industry. It is hoped that Qingdao Baicao will continue to launch new big healthy fiber products with high scientific and technological content, excellent quality and green environmental protection, and become an influential Baicao brand.



Since its establishment, the alliance has always been committed to promoting the development of new products and new business forms of big biological fiber. At the meeting, Zhen Li reported on the progress of the alliance's work. In the past year, the alliance has continuously solved the difficulties and problems encountered in its development, established strategic cooperation relations with brand customers in various fields, gradually provided standard reference formulation, recommendation and Implementation for member units, and guided relevant enterprises to obtain a number of national invention patents, scientific and technological progress awards, technology promotion awards, etc. The alliance not only brings great economic and social benefits through the promotion of large biological categories, but also effectively promotes the upgrading and adjustment of the structure of the textile and garment industry.

The team is growing and sharing resources for industry, University and research

At the awarding ceremony of the alliance, the board of directors was awarded to the outstanding enterprises in the textile industry included in the alliance's board of directors. The new members of this year are as follows: suixian zulijian Shoes Co., Ltd., Zibo Feishi napkin Co., Ltd., Suzhou Wilde industry and Trade Co., Ltd., shengxuelan Textile Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Wanzi Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Chaoyue Textile Co., Ltd Xiajin Renhe Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou huahongsheng Textile Co., Ltd., Jihua 3543 Knitted Garment Co., Ltd., Shandong judexin Textile Co., Ltd., Changzhou Sikai Textile Co., Ltd., huaxiangtai Textile Co., Ltd. and Yiwu Boyang Garment Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment, the alliance has given full play to the strength of relevant universities, authoritative testing institutions, supply chain enterprises and brand enterprises at home and abroad, enhanced exchanges and mutual learning between industry, University, research and application, and accelerated the resource sharing of biotechnology and functional textile industry. In the industry university research application sharing link of the alliance, Sui Chaoning, business manager of Qingdao Jifa Group Co., Ltd., and Lai Ruichun, general manager of Guangzhou huahongsheng Textile Co., Ltd., gave you a wonderful product application sharing report, introducing the application achievements of large biological fiber products in various textile fields.

 brand leading, release of Baicao Lavender modified nylon

The aim of Qingdao Baicao is to constantly explore new ideas and technologies in the field of biological fiber, take nature as the source of inspiration, natural plants as the material and fiber advantages as the carrier to create Baicao fiber brand. In the new product release link, Chi Shan released the bacteriostatic big biological material "Lavender modified nylon", explained the big biological fiber from the perspective of life science, material science, biochemistry and textile science, and introduced in detail the preparation process of lavender nylon and its bacteriostatic, antioxidant and other properties.

During the same period of the press conference, Qingdao Baicao held a strategic signing ceremony with the high-end clothing spot cloth brand LAN Meimei, the fabric brand Wanzi Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jiahua special nylon Co., Ltd. the two sides will adhere to the principle of information disclosure, business, R & D technology and other departments to form a team for win-win cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and carry out R & D and production according to the needs of the brand, Develop and expand the new category market of large biomaterials, and promote the development of large healthy fiber industry through the close cooperation of alliance enterprises.

for the future development of the alliance, Huang Xiaohua said that with the joint efforts of the members of the alliance, the alliance will certainly be built into a large biological industry resource integration and sharing development platform with global influence, publicity, professionalism and authority, and on this basis, a large biological textile industry community will be formed to promote the structural optimization, transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry, "Empowering enterprise innovation and serving human health", leading the development of global biological industry.


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