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"Big guys" are gathered, and the expectation is full. You can't miss Shaoxing textile machinery exhibition in October!

"Big guys" are gathered, and the expectation is full. You can't miss Shaoxing textile machinery exhibition in October!

2021-11-15 09:55

From October 26 to October 28, the first Shaoxing International Textile Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition in 2021 will be grandly opened in Shaoxing Keqiao China Light Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In the context of Keqiao building a world-class textile industry cluster demonstration area, the exhibition will build a channel for the docking of textile equipment and industry and a platform for the exhibition and exchange of intelligent manufacturing technology. At that time, at the 10000 square meter exhibition, intelligent manufacturing equipment and accessories covering the whole textile industry chain will be displayed, and more than 10000 professional visitors will come to watch and exchange.

The exhibition will include textile main machines, special parts and accessories, covering spinning machinery, knitting machinery, weaving machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, sewing equipment, industrial accessories, textile parts and accessories, so as to realize one-stop procurement. Among the registered exhibitors, there are many leading and first-class enterprises in the industry, which will bring cutting-edge and high-quality textile machinery exhibits at the exhibition.

Hengtian Group led the crowd to show the "hard core" strength of central enterprises


As the national textile machinery team with the first comprehensive strength in China, the largest business scale in the world and the world's leading complete equipment technology, sinomachinery Group China Hengtian Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengtian Group") will lead 14 enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

For the purpose of this exhibition, the enterprises of Hengtian Group show their attention and interest in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang market, especially the market potential of Shaoxing as an important textile town in China. Exhibitors look forward to communicating with professional visitors and buyers through the exhibition, exchanging industry status and market conditions, so that products can be promoted through the exhibition platform and create more cooperation opportunities.

This exhibition of Hengtian Group will also bring high-quality textile machinery equipment and products, which deserve the attention of the industry. Among them, the m5476 luffing and setting machine to be exhibited by Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. highlights the operation convenience, environmental protection and energy saving of the luffing and setting machine. The application of high sealing drying room technology is more conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection. The application of advanced electrical control technology highlights the operation convenience and stable reliability of the equipment. The equipment can form a LAN to realize factory information management, and realize remote monitoring, debugging and software upgrading through 4G or 5g network. In addition, it can view operation and alarm data through mobile app.

Jwk2608 polyester false twist texturing machine brought by Jingwei intelligent textile machinery Co., Ltd. can meet the actual needs of users for high efficiency and energy saving. The maximum number of ingots is 360 and the maximum mechanical speed is 1200m / min, which can meet the quality characteristic requirements of different varieties. The equipment adopts three-dimensional simulation design and new technologies such as energy-saving hot box, pneumatic head and electronic false twister. All the main drive motors adopt energy-saving asynchronous motors, with high transmission accuracy and low energy consumption.

In addition, well-known enterprises in the industry such as warp and weft textile machinery, Hengtian heavy industry, Qingdao Hongda, Lixin dyeing and finishing, and China textile foreign trade will collectively appear at the exhibition. Their business covers physical equipment such as spinning equipment, chemical fiber equipment, carding equipment, automatic doffing equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, spinning machine parts, import and export of textile machinery equipment and comprehensive services of textile trade, And the whole textile lean supply chain technology service platform, network platform company and other fields.

Head enterprises gather, and "smart manufacturing" highlights frequently


In addition to Hengtian Group, leading enterprises in subdivided fields such as Zhejiang Titan, Hangzhou Jiepai, RIFA textile machinery and Suzhou Jinwei will also appear one after another at the textile machinery exhibition.

As a high-end textile machinery R & D manufacturer, Zhejiang Titan Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing high-speed, automatic and intelligent high-end textile machinery. In an interview, the enterprise said that the exhibition will not only show the strong technical strength in the field of textile machinery for many years, but also look forward to further raising its popularity in Shaoxing. The shift fork type high-speed doubling machine brought by Titan this time has replaced the traditional wire rope transmission mechanism and solved the industry technical bottleneck of easy breaking of wire rope. High performance textile machinery and equipment will become a highlight of the exhibition.

High speed, high efficiency and fine needle are the development trend of circular weft knitting machine. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of textile machinery, Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. will focus on the introduction of knitting machinery and equipment in this exhibition. One of the exhibits it brings is the high-speed seamless underwear machine. Compared with the ordinary seamless underwear machine, the rotating speed can be increased from 80 R / min to 110 R / min, the efficiency can be increased by 30% ~ 40%, and the cloth flatness can be greatly improved compared with the ordinary machine, so as to produce more high-quality seamless products.

Suzhou Jinwei chemical fiber equipment Co., Ltd., an advantageous enterprise of chemical fiber equipment, will bring "fully integrated automation + Internet of things control system solution" at the exhibition to help continuously improve the competitiveness of the textile industry chain. For this exhibition, enterprises value the huge market gap after the impact of the epidemic and the docking demand accumulated for a long time, and expect to present new technologies, new equipment and various solutions to the market and obtain market feedback.

In addition, as a national embroidery machine industry base, Shaoxing Zhuji will also have a number of local embroidery machine enterprises appear in the exhibition, which will show the latest models, scientific and technological strength and R & D advantages of the enterprises, so as to explore the market and promote cooperation with more industry customers.

At present, various preparations such as investment promotion and Exhibition recruitment are being vigorously and efficiently promoted, and more exhibitors and exhibits will be in place one after another. In October of the golden autumn, the "smart made" sharp weapon with excellent performance will appear in Shaoxing!


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