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Live up to the gifts from the plateau and show the "uninhibited beauty" with ingenuity

Live up to the gifts from the plateau and show the "uninhibited beauty" with ingenuity

2021-12-01 09:08

In November 2021, Jiangnan cloth clothing group launched a series of yak velvet clothing, which shows the natural power of the plateau through natural materials and original handicrafts, and uses yak velvet as a natural gift as a brush to depict the "uninhibited beauty" of the plateau. This time, Jiangnan cloth clothing group and its long-term partners launched a quest at an altitude of 4600 meters to trace the secret behind yak wool.


Yak hair -- a gift from Tibetan Plateau

As a "snow boat" living on the plateau at an altitude of 4600 meters, yaks feed on grass tips and drink glacial water. They have been with the Tibetans for thousands of years and have been deeply loved by the Tibetans since ancient times. Yak hair is a precious gift from the Tibetan Plateau. In the alpine climate, yaks grow fine cashmere every autumn to keep warm in the severe cold winter. In spring, the cashmere will fall off naturally and be collected by herdsmen. Cashmere is collected once a year from June to August. The total annual output of raw cashmere of adult yaks does not exceed 300g. Combed yak cashmere, which can be used as textile raw material, accounts for only about 10% of the total raw cashmere of yaks. It is a rare natural raw material and has three natural characteristics:

the medullary layer in Yak wool fiber is bamboo like, which is more conducive to storing air, so it has good warmth retention.

the single fiber strength of yak cashmere fiber is 1.5 times that of cashmere, so yak cashmere products have good toughness, high strength and are not easy to pilling when wearing.

yak wool is mostly dark brown, coffee or light gray. The wool itself has natural color and excellent color fastness.

in addition, yak wool fiber has good elasticity due to its high strength and toughness. After multiple opening, washing and combing, it is endowed with soft and moist touch. It is an advanced garment material. Yak hair can return to the soil and realize natural degradation. It is a sustainable textile material. In the process of collecting yak hair, we respect the laws of nature and use scientific and technological innovation to show the beauty of the natural plateau.

The original technology creates the beauty of the plateau

From sorting yak hair to spinning with fiber, Jiangnan cloth always adheres to the creativity of respecting natural rules and is committed to bringing the original and pure "beauty of Plateau" to consumers. After yak wool is collected, local women sort it in advance to improve the subsequent washing and combing efficiency, and bring more economic possibilities to the local area. In the washing process, natural snow mountain mineral spring infiltration and certified innovative environmental protection detergent are used. In order to extract soft and delicate yak hair, it needs to go through multiple "Combing" links of carding, loosening and loosening fibers. In order to retain the advantages of yak cashmere fiber structure, the standard of medium temperature drying at 70 ℃ is adopted, and high-quality bulk cashmere raw materials are obtained through layer by layer screening.


These yak wool with natural primary color show the most primitive style of the plateau. It is spun into a variety of raw yarn. It is made into a fashionable piece with temperature by designers and craftsmen to show the "uninhibited beauty" of the plateau.


Corporate social responsibility under "uninhibited beauty"

Adhering to the original intention of environmental protection, Jiangnan cloth clothing group chooses to cooperate with raw material suppliers with the same concept, focusing on sustainable development technology in all links from raw material collection, textile and processing of yak cashmere to ready-made clothes, so as to offer natural yak cashmere clothing to consumers. From combing, combing to spinning, every high-quality yak wool strictly abides by the national industry standards. At the same time, we are constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, optimizing the extensibility of raw materials, advocating more primary yak wool with local characteristics, and creating a series of yak wool products with both fashion and comfort.

while developing the yak wool industry, we should not forget to provide knowledge training for local herdsmen to enhance employment skills and sustainable economic opportunities in the future. And bring sustainable economic possibilities to the local area. The upstream and downstream travel side by side to increase income and improve life opportunities. Made in China, take from nature and give back to nature; Love and respect, explore the sustainable fashion trend of nature.



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