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Hemp art life leads green fashion -- the opening of 2021 Jiangxi International hemp Textile Expo is imminent

Hemp art life leads green fashion -- the opening of 2021 Jiangxi International hemp Textile Expo is imminent

2021-12-09 13:42

From December 12 to 14, under the guidance of China Textile Industry Federation and China Council for the promotion of international trade, and co sponsored by China hemp textile industry association, textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Jiangxi Department of industry and information technology, Jiangxi branch of China Council for the promotion of International Trade and Xinyu Municipal People's Government of Jiangxi Province, Fenyi County People's government The 2021 Jiangxi International hemp Textile Expo hosted by Xinyu Bureau of industry and information technology and Xinyu Bureau of commerce is about to open in China (Jiangxi) International hemp textile city.



Focus on industrial achievements and share hemp textile life

The three-day 2021 Jiangxi International hemp Textile Expo integrates "Industrial Exhibition + good thing Festival", adheres to the concept of innovative development, further expands domestic demand, promotes consumption upgrading, improves industrial innovation through product display and resource docking, leads the new consumption of "green fashion" by relying on hemp textile cultural display, and integrates upstream and downstream resources of clothing supply chain, Drive the high-quality development of hemp textile industry and promote the healthy development of China's Hemp textile industry chain.



Integrate industrial resources and promote industrial upgrading

With industrial upgrading as the core content, industrial chain extension as the support, and combined with the function of industrial cluster, the development achievements and future trend guidance of hemp textile industry will be displayed in an all-round way. The "four Pavilions" - hemp textile industry Pavilion, hemp textile clothing Pavilion, hemp art life Pavilion and hemp textile live broadcast activity center are planned for this Expo, with a total area of 1500 square meters. More than 140 booths are planned on site, including Enda hemp century, JINDA holdings, Guangzhou Weifeng, Hunan Huasheng, Jinying Co., Ltd., Shunchang flax, Jijia flax, Saideli group, pingmian textile, Dayao textile More than 100 well-known leading enterprises, clothing brands, manufacturers and flour accessories in the hemp textile industry at home and abroad, including Lianfa textile, Mr. designer Yangzi, Shi Jie, jiaran and Jingjie, are expected to participate in the exhibition, with more than 10000 participants.



01 hemp textile industry Museum



The museum gathers Enda hemp century, JINDA holdings, Guangzhou Weifeng, Hunan Huasheng, tianzhicao (Hainan), Henan pingmian, Jiangxi ruiou, Hunan Huasheng Dongting, Shanxi oasis, Saideli group, Harbin Laining, Shenzhen hemp world, Jinxiang flax, Dayao textile, Lianfa textile, Hexin garment making, Dalong hemp industry, Shanglin clothing, Maduo textile, taotian textile AI Jia linen, dragon Rui textile, Jinxin hemp textile, hemp linen, Jenna linen, Jenna linen, Gongdong textile, Wanda, weshui, summer textile, Jinning textile, Jingyuan Han, Tian Zhi run, Kimsawa Ama, Zhong Ma yarn dyed fabric, Lai Su cheongsam, Wutong Tai, Tang people spinning, Qi Rui de Ze, Fei Hua technology, line yuan biology and famous domestic fashion designer Yang Zi, Shi Jie and other 41 hemp textile manufacturers, flour accessories manufacturers and well-known leading enterprises in the garment brand industry have realized the real integrated docking of the whole industrial chain from the planting, raw materials and fabrics at the source of the industrial chain to design, production, brand, procurement and trade. Comprehensively display the development achievements of China's Hemp textile industry.

02 linen clothing Museum



The hemp textile clothing Museum aims to build a market-oriented commercial operation platform for the hemp textile industry, and provide a display platform for the hemp textile terminal brands, designers and artists through a multi-dimensional model, so as to further establish a healthy ecology of diversified, forward-looking and sustainable development of the hemp textile industry, and further revitalize the high-quality upgrading and development of the whole hemp textile industry chain. Seven fairies clothing, Hangzhou home textile, Sali clothing, Ruixiang clothing, Xianshu knitting, sack socks industry, ruiyin clothing, Tianfeng clothing, yuncasa trade, tianyimei clothing, Zhutian light industry, Tianhe flax, HUAYIXIN flax, haiyexin, aoqili clothing, orchid flax, Jinyun clothing, Ruichen industry, hemp warehouse flax, lanhong textile, quemeilin clothing A total of 57 hemp textile terminal brands, including Hualing trade, shunye international trade, Qianhe clothing, canhua clothing, Weida textile, Yinfan textile, shizhiwei trade, Xunyou trade, Liangmei silk scarf, Tianfeng clothing, fuqia trade, Zihan clothing, Longteng clothing, mingou clothing, xiankelai textile, hemp products fair, Vincent textile, Bingjia hemp cotton, will appear.

03 hemp spinning living hall



Xu Xiaomei, Zhang Xiaohong, Gan jinxiuyi, Dai Xia, xian'er Yuer Chinese hand painting, jiaran, Jingjie and other 14 hemp textile fashion cultural and creative brands take "fashion creativity + hemp textile life + diversified consumption" as the main line and combine hemp textile products such as summer cloth technology, hemp textile fabrics, clothing and clothing with calligraphy, painting, photography, DIY and other carriers to create a space for hemp textile culture on-site performance and experience, so as to make "hemp textile" Really penetrate into all aspects of daily life, radiate and publicize hemp textile goods from Fenyi to the whole area, so that more people can share the healthy life of hemp textile ecology.

04 hemp spinning live broadcast activity center



The Expo adheres to the concept of innovative development, deeply excavates the resource advantages such as "network talent" and "green hemp textile", makes use of the new ecology of live e-commerce new media, focuses on driving a number of new talents, new brands and new enterprises with new models, new technologies and new drivers, promotes the digital transformation of traditional industries and helps the revitalization and development of hemp textile industry. During this period, Jiangxi hemp textile products online Expo and goodies live broadcast festival will be held in conjunction with Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms at the same time.


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