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The launching ceremony of the national polylactic acid green supply chain alliance and the introduction meeting of the guidelines for green supply chain management and evaluation of textile products were held in Shanghai

The launching ceremony of the national polylactic acid green supply chain alliance and the introduction meeting of the guidelines for green supply chain management and evaluation of textile products were held in Shanghai

2022-01-17 10:40

On the afternoon of January 11, the launching ceremony of the national polylactic acid green supply chain alliance initiated by Anhui Fengyuan biological Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fengyuan biological fiber) and Shanghai Chunling Trading Co., Ltd, And the introduction meeting of Shanghai local standard "guidelines for green supply chain management and evaluation of textile products" led by Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology was held in Shanghai.



At present, Fengyuan biological fiber is the only supplier of polylactic acid raw materials in the whole industry chain in China and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Fengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. driven by the "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" and the policy of banning and limiting plastics, low-carbon, environmental friendly, non-toxic and degradable bio based new materials such as polylactic acid stand at the air outlet and become the focus of market pursuit.



Polylactic acid is a high molecular material processed and produced by biotechnology with biomass raw materials such as corn and crop straw. It can replace traditional petrochemical plastics and petrochemical fibers to make fiber, film, sheet, plate and other products. It is widely used in clothing, catering and food packaging, agriculture, automobile, biomedicine and other fields. The carbon footprint of polylactic acid is only 10-15% of that of traditional plastics and fibers, and the products can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water after being discarded. There is no generation of micro plastics and will not release toxic and harmful gases. It is a product with the highest cost performance, the widest application and recognized safety performance in the field of new biological materials.



Fengyuan biological fiber is a major producer of polylactic acid fiber in China. Its products cover staple fiber, filament, cigarette tow, etc. polylactic acid fiber has the excellent characteristics of low-carbon environmental protection, bacteriostasis and mite resistance, natural skin affinity, etc. "lemon orchard" brand polylactic acid fiber is selected as the fiber popular trend in China, and "Fengyuan velvet" brand polylactic acid fiber is selected as the fiber popular trend in China. At present, the commercial fields of polylactic acid fiber include underwear, bedding, sportswear, mask and so on, which has been highly concerned by the textile industry and the terminal market.



Focusing on the theme of "new materials, new energy and new life", the conference was first organized by Fengyuan biological fiber, Shanghai Chunling Trading Co., Ltd., Changsha Cohen Textile Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hongdou industrial Internet Co., Ltd., Luolai Life Technology Co., Ltd., Tebu (China) Co., Ltd., happy Home Textile Co., Ltd Shanghai Longtou (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly launched the PLA green supply chain alliance ceremony. The establishment of green supply chain alliance is to further promote the development and application of polylactic acid fiber, cooperate upstream and downstream, cooperate with brands, and further broaden the development road of polylactic acid fiber. This is not only a grand event facing the whole country, looking to the future and seeking cooperation, but also an ideological feast of dialogue and exchange, collision wisdom and gathering kinetic energy, which will play an important leading and promoting role in the development of polylactic acid new material industry.

Experts from Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology introduced the first local standard for green supply chain management and evaluation of textile industry in China - Guidelines for green supply chain management and evaluation of textile products, adding new momentum to promote green transformation of textile industry and promote green low-carbon circular development of the industry.

The Shanghai local standard "guidelines for management and evaluation of green supply chain of textile products" jointly led and led by Shanghai Academy of quality supervision and Inspection Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Academy of quality inspection") and Huahao chemistry has been officially implemented, which will take a solid step towards the standardization of textile carbon label and textile biopolyester fiber composition label, In response to the further reduction measures of textile life cycle carbon emissions at home and abroad.

The standard is based on Shanghai, radiates the Yangtze River Delta and faces the whole country. It is the first local standard for green supply chain management evaluation of textile industry in China. The implementation of standards can effectively improve resource utilization and environmental protection awareness, promote textile and garment enterprises to implement green supply chain management, and maximize the overall benefits of the supply chain.

At the meeting, the certification expert of Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology said that the textile industry is a responsibility oriented green industry. Establishing and improving a green and low-carbon recycling industrial system is an important symbol and basic bottom line for realizing the high-quality development of the whole industry.

Based on the characteristics of the textile industry, its production and processing process also includes more than ten processes such as yarn, weaving, sewing, coloring and printing and dyeing. These processes often need to be completed jointly by multiple upstream and downstream enterprises, rather than independently by one enterprise. Therefore, if the supply chain management of textile enterprises is certified to be green, it is necessary to start from each link of products and evaluate the influencing factors one by one.

It is understood that in the future, on the premise of passing the compliance evaluation, the corresponding stars (3 stars) will be determined according to the enterprise evaluation score, up to 5-star green supply chain management enterprises. The certified enterprise shall be subject to supervision and audit once a year, and the validity period of the certificate is 3 years.

The conference also invited the heads of relevant academic (Association) meetings of new material industry at home and abroad, leading enterprises, experts and scholars and financial institutions in the field of new materials, and received the support of relevant leaders of Shanghai China Health Association, Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, Zhejiang University, Donghua University and Shanghai University of engineering and technology; Fengyuan biological fiber, Shanghai Chunling, Hunan Cohen, Jiangsu Hongdou, Shanghai Luolai, Fujian Tebu and Shandong joy made wonderful sharing on the application of polylactic acid fiber at the meeting.



The meeting also held a signing ceremony for key cooperation projects in biodegradable material industry.

The yomi children's wear exhibition area was held at the same time, displaying bio based raw materials, bio based fiber materials and the application of bio based fiber materials in textile and garment industry, and showing the application results of polylactic acid materials in textile and garment industry to the delegates.

It is understood that the new biological material polylactic acid (PLA) takes corn, straw and other biomass as raw materials to produce lactic acid through fermentation and then polymerize to obtain polylactic acid. PLA can be used to produce fiber, plastic and other products, with low-carbon, environmental protection, non-toxic and degradable characteristics.

1. Polylactic acid fiber and its application

Polylactic acid fiber, commonly known as "corn fiber", is produced from polylactic acid through melt spinning and other processing processes. It belongs to natural fiber. The fabric made of corn fiber has weak acidity similar to human skin, natural skin affinity, bacteriostasis, anti mite, good drapability, moisture permeability (better than natural fibers such as cotton and hemp), luster and silky feeling, low static electricity, low body odor, no moisture regain, difficult to burn and good anti ultraviolet function. It is used in underwear, sports and leisure clothing It has significant advantages in bed production.

2. Polylactic acid plastics and its application

Polylactic acid is a new biodegradable material with good biodegradability, thermoplastic and physical properties. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature. Finally, it only produces carbon dioxide and water without micro plastics and toxic and harmful gases. It is recognized as an environment-friendly material.

Polylactic acid is widely used in various processing methods such as injection molding, blistering, extrusion, tape casting and foaming. It can be used to process all kinds of plastic products, food packaging products, fast food lunch boxes, cold chain packaging boxes, engineering plastic products from industry to civil use. Polylactic acid is also widely used in the field of medicine, such as disposable infusion equipment, detachable surgical suture, bone nail and bone plate, etc.

Popularizing the use of biomaterial polylactic acid fiber and plastic products can reduce greenhouse gases, reduce white pollution, improve the quality of life, and realize the green development, ecological civilization and sustainable development of society.


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