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Three trends of sofa in 2020 will overturn your living room pattern

Three trends of sofa in 2020 will overturn your living room pattern

2020-03-13 12:43
If you can nest on the sofa, bathe in the warm sunshine, watch a family movie, play a game, or have a close contact with your beloved dog on a rest day, it's the ideal life. Of course, the premise also needs to have a soft sofa that can lie down at will.
Sofa as the living room covers one or two of the largest areas of furniture, the right shape and the right place to create a transparent and spacious living room with a sense of space.
In 2020, what are the popular trends of sofa?
1. Unit sofa is more free
The unit sofa with adjustable direction and changeable combination is the first choice of modern people. TA can meet the different use habits of the family. No matter which rest position you are used to, the unit sofa can change according to your habit.
For the family with a large population, or people who like to change the dynamic line of their home, it is more suitable. Just change the combination mode of the sofa, you can complete the transformation of the living room at a low cost.
2. Arc sofa is more popular
Arc sofa is usually placed in enclosed way, which is easy to create a lively and happy atmosphere. In particular, when shaping asymmetric space or corner space, it can instantly show a sense of fashion.
In recent years, arc sofa is popular in home design. The curved backrest, like the eggshell and mother's embrace, gives people a soft and safe feeling. We have seen too many square and one-sided houses, and we need to add more soft elements to our home.
3. Simple design is more popular
Simple design is more and more popular. In order to present a light and not heavy sense of vision in the limited space, the simple home design has become the choice of most people, sofa is no exception. Compared with the heavy sofa, the residence with moderate area is more suitable for the light and simplified sofa design.
The trend of simplicity is reflected in the details. It can be seen that many sofas have made adjustments in support, using the metal or other material legs as the support to raise the main body of the sofa. Compared with the previous large one, the visual effect is much lighter.
4. Small sofa is harmonious
Different materials, different colors of small sofa collocation. Break the traditional way of arrangement, face-to-face and enclosed, make your living room harmonious and interesting. Small and lazy features, so that it can adapt to a variety of house types, to meet various needs, no matter which corner of the space, can bring unlimited possibilities, super practicality.

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