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35 national emergency officers! Suspend all air and sea transportation, close all border channels, suspend visa free, landing visa and grounded flights

35 national emergency officers! Suspend all air and sea transportation, close all border channels, suspend visa free, landing visa and grounded flights

2020-03-20 11:06

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In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Algeria's president, 17, said a series of measures to tackle the new crown pneumonia epidemic. These measures include the closure of all border crossings in Algeria and the suspension of all air and sea transport;
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was suspended in March 16th by Algeria's prime minister Gerrard in March 16th, to advise against the new crown pneumonia outbreak. The five countries are: Tunisia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan. The grounded time will start from March 17, and the specific resuming time will be notified separately.
Baltic airlines will suspend all flights, including international flights, from March 17 until mid April.
The Philippines
The Philippines will cancel all domestic and international flights from March 19 to April 14.
On March 17th local time, the Ministry of transportation of Iraq announced that from now on until March 24th, all domestic and foreign routes of its subordinate Iraqi airlines were suspended.
Ecuador began to impose a curfew from 21 p.m. to 5 p.m. every night on the 17th. Except for special circumstances, the provincial transportation, domestic flights and private vehicles will be suspended for 14 days from the 17th.
Argentina's long-distance trains, buses and flights will be suspended from March 20 to March 25, the country's transport minister announced Thursday.
Novel coronavirus epidemic in Europe was spread on March 18th, Kyodo quoted Japanese government officials as saying. The Japanese government decided to target immigrants from 30 countries in Europe, including Britain, France and Germany, and asked them to stay in the middle for 14 days after entering the country.
On March 17, Indonesian Foreign Minister retno held a press conference and announced the supplementary regulations of the Indonesian government on the entry and exit of relevant personnel. In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Indonesian government has decided to suspend the visa free visa service for all foreign citizens in all other countries and cancel the visa free treatment of diplomatic or official passports for a period of 1 months. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new measure of the adjustment of immigration policy after the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Indonesia.
He said novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation was continuously concerned by the Indonesian government. The report on the spread of new crown pneumonia was reported by WHO. In view of novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in more and more countries, the Indonesian government strongly urges Indonesian citizens to avoid traveling abroad, except for urgent matters. Indonesian citizens traveling abroad shall return to Indonesia as soon as possible.
Letno called on all foreign citizens planning to visit Indonesia to apply for visas to the embassy and consulate of Indonesia in advance according to the purpose of the visit. When applying for a visa, it must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by the health institution of the country in which it is located. When entering Indonesia, all foreign citizens must fill in and submit the health declaration card to the entry port office.
The Indonesian government has also banned people who have visited Iran, Italy, the Vatican, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK in the past 14 days from entering or transiting to Indonesia, Mr. letno said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms will be observed in the government facilities for 14 days when the Indonesian citizens who have visited the above countries return to their country. If there is no relevant symptom, it is recommended that the returned citizens be isolated at home for 14 days.
The above regulations will come into effect at 0:00 local time on March 20, and will be evaluated according to the development of relevant situations. It is reported that Indonesia has so far implemented visa free entry policies for about 90 countries and regions around the world.
At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been closed by many other tourist attractions, including National Memorial Chorten, Jakarta, to prevent further spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
On March 17th, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 21 cases in Uruguay, and 50 cases were confirmed.
Uruguay officially closed its border with Argentina on the 17th local time. Prior to that, the Uruguayan government also took measures such as suspending all flights to and from Europe and suspending primary and secondary schools for 14 days.
Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced Thursday that all non Canadian citizens are prohibited from entering the country, but US citizens will not be restricted. Dix pointed out that they are very worried that the continued admission of tourists from the United States will aggravate the epidemic in the province.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia (WestJet) announced the night of March 16th, the second largest airline in Canada. In view of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak and the request of the Canadian government, the company will start all flights from the International Airport and cross-border flights between Canada and the United States from the 11:59 local time at 11:59 p.m. local time (1:59 p.m. Beijing time 1:59 p.m.). The grounded time is 30 days.
The statement also announced that from now on, all international flights and between Canada and the United States will no longer be sold. The statement said the company will cooperate with the Canadian government in the evacuation and rescue of overseas Chinese after the suspension of commercial flights.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia office is 17 days from Bolivia's interim president Janina Anez's statement. The Bolivia will close its border due to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The statement pointed out that since 19, only Bolivian citizens and residents can enter the country. Travelers who wish to enter the country must comply with the agreement between the Ministry of health and who. Bolivia's international and domestic flights will be suspended from the 20th, but goods will be allowed to enter the country, the statement said.
In addition to closing the border, Bolivia's working days will be shortened and markets will be open for a limited period of time. These measures will be implemented until March 31.
The United Arab Emirates
On March 18 local time, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, UAE issued an emergency notice:
According to the notice of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE, the UAE side will suspend the visa free and landing visa policies for citizens of all countries (except those with diplomatic passports) from March 19 local time. Citizens of countries including China who have signed agreements with the UAE for exemption and landing will not be able to enter the UAE temporarily, and the recovery time will be notified separately. Those who have entered the UAE will not be affected, and the renewal of visas for long-term residents in the UAE will not be affected.
The Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, UAE, reminded Laidi and Chinese citizens transferred through Dubai to dynamically track the temporary immigration restrictions of the Arab side, adjust the travel plan accordingly, and avoid the cost and time loss caused by the lack of entry. For Chinese citizens who have purchased air tickets, please confirm with the airline about the refund and endorsement.
Emergency line for 24-hour epidemic related claim protection of Consulate General in Dubai: + 971 (50) 1066197,
Telephone on duty of receiving insurance: + 971-4-3947588 (irrelevant to epidemic situation or non emergency help)
Ministry of foreign affairs global consular protection and services 24-hour emergency hotline: + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-5991 3991.
24-hour duty phone number of Embassy in UAE: + 971-504176589
Viet Nam
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been suspended since March 18th, according to the latest news from Vietnam Airlines.
In addition, the night of March 17 local time, Vietnam Airlines flight to France was cancelled. Between March 18 and March 31, Vietnam Airlines' flights to and from Malaysia were also temporarily grounded.
On March 18, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea issued a notice saying it would suspend regular visa services from March 19, 2020.
In response to the global challenges associated with the outbreak of the new crown, the Department of state suspended all travel warnings recommended for routine visa services in Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4 countries. As a result, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea will cancel all regular immigrant and non immigrant visa appointments from March 19, 2020. This does not affect the visa free process. Services for US citizens will continue.
We will resume normal visa service as soon as possible, but we cannot give a specific date at present. Although all regular immigrant and non immigrant visa appointments have been cancelled, the MRV fee (machine readable visa application fee) is valid and can be used for visa applications in purchased countries within one year from the payment date.
Qatar has the largest number of confirmed cases in the region except for Iran. The government of Qatar announced on the 17th that it would close all mosques to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic. Previously, Qatar has closed cinemas, theaters, stadiums and other places, and banned the entry of citizens of 19 countries.
Brazil's gol Airlines said it would suspend all international flights from March 23 to June 30.
Public transport such as buses, trains and light rail will run in different periods, the Ministry of transport announced Thursday.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is announced by Egyptian Prime Minister Mudd Bugli on Monday. Egypt will suspend all flights from all airports in March 19th to March 31st.
The Chilean government has announced that it will close all land, sea and air borders from 18th local time, forbid entry of foreigners, and only allow Chilean citizens and permanent residents from high-risk areas of the epidemic to enter the country. After entering the country, isolation will be required for 14 days.
At the same time, two weeks' suspension of classes nationwide, prohibition of public gathering activities for more than 50 people, cancellation of all government officials' business trips abroad, requirement of flexible working system and remote work of government departments and enterprises, and reduction of public transport services and other measures.
On March 18, Russian Prime Minister mishuskin issued an order to temporarily restrict flights with Britain, the United States and the United Arab Emirates from March 20.
According to the directive, the Ministry of transport should guarantee temporary restrictions on passenger flights between Russia and the three countries mentioned above from 0:00 on March 20.
However, regular flights between Moscow and London, New York and abizabi are not restricted, but they should be changed to take off and land at f terminal of Moscow's sheremejevo airport.
Previously, from the 16th, Moscow's restrictions on flights to and from EU countries, Norway and Switzerland came into effect.
The Iraqi government announced a week-long curfew in Baghdad from 23:00 local time on the 17th, after which measures had been taken, including the nationwide cancellation of gatherings, the suspension of schools, the prohibition of the entry of multinational citizens, etc. All inter provincial traffic and personnel movements have also been suspended, and provincial governors have been given the power to impose curfews.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Madagascar's president Rajoelina, said in a televised speech on the evening of 17 local time that Madagascar will suspend all international flights and ban cruise ships from relying on Hong Kong.
Rajoelina said the policy will be implemented from March 20, with a validity period of 30 days. The Malaysian government will decide whether to extend the period according to the change of the epidemic situation.
Kuwait announced on the 17th that the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 130, most of which were citizens of Kuwait who had withdrawn from Iran. The government of Kuwait has taken strict prevention and control measures, including suspending all commercial flights from the 13th, and suspending all government agencies and public sectors for two weeks.
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East have also taken strict prevention and control measures, such as suspension of flights, classes, work stoppages, suspension of mosque and other religious gathering activities.
Jordan's government announced Monday that it will take a series of emergency measures to deal with the epidemic, including "closing the city" nationwide from the 18th.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Australia's second largest airline, announced in March 18th that all international flights between March 30th and June 14th will be suspended and the domestic capacity will be halved due to government travel restrictions and the decline in demand from the new crown pneumonia outbreak.
In Syria, classes have been suspended nationwide, public institutions have been restricted to work, and all gathering scientific research, literary and sports, religious and other activities have been suspended.
Moldova has entered a state of emergency since 17 local time, suspending all international flights, closing land borders, suspending schools and banning all large-scale recreational and religious activities.
Austrian Airlines will temporarily suspend regular flights from March 18 until March 28.
In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the government announced that all schools would be closed until April 1, while closing land borders with Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
European Union
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in March 17, 2020 was held by leaders of EU Member States, and the provisional immigration restrictions were adopted to restrict the "unnecessary travel" of EU personnel to EU countries for 30 days.
China's novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was highly threatened by the Chinese citizens' assessment of the risk of travel abroad, but not to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Belgium.
The Chinese mission to the EU hereby reminds Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the relevant consular reminders of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the above-mentioned EU entry restrictions.
Annex: list of EU Member States (27):
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
35 countries have declared a state of emergency and 88 countries have formed local communication
In March 18th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing was held at the press conference. Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, introduced the specific situation of the current outbreaks.
According to the data of the World Health Organization, as of March 17, the number of cases outside China has reached 97996, and 88 countries have formed local transmission. The increase of confirmed cases in the past seven days in six continents is 24% in Asia, 329% in Europe, 787% in North America, 490% in South America, 360% in Africa and 317% in Oceania. In recent 14 days, the proportion of confirmed cases in all continents in overseas cases is: 27% in Asia (excluding China), 69% in Europe, 2.8% in North America, 0.6% in South America, 0.2% in Africa and 0.4% in Oceania.
As of March 17, the top 10 countries were 27980 in Italy, 14991 in Iran, 9191 in Spain, 8320 in South Korea, 6573 in France, 6012 in Germany, 3503 in the United States, 2200 in Switzerland, 1547 in the United Kingdom and 1413 in the Netherlands.
As of March 17, 35 countries around the world have declared a state of emergency
Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Cyprus, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Palestine, Lebanon, South Korea, Philippines, El Salvador, United States, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru Lu, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Sudan, South Africa, Libya.

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