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For the first time, the 14th five year plan was passed down, and the 13th five year plan and 2020 innovation figures of China's textile industry were announced

For the first time, the 14th five year plan was passed down, and the 13th five year plan and 2020 innovation figures of China's textile industry were announced

2021-06-18 08:29
   On June 11, the commendation activities of innovative figures in China's textile industry in the 13th Five Year Plan period and annual innovative figures in China's textile industry in 2019 and 2020, sponsored by China Textile Federation, undertaken by China Textile Magazine and strategically cooperated with Jinlun clothing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., were held in Shanghai at the 9th enlarged meeting of the 4th executive director of China Textile Federation.

    Chen Jianhua and other 11 comrades won the honorary title of "innovative figures in the 13th five year plan of China's textile industry"; Wang Zongwen and other 20 comrades won the honorary title of "2020 China textile industry annual innovation figure"; Wei Jiang and other 20 comrades won the honorary title of "innovative person of the year in China's textile industry in 2019".
    Gao Yong, secretary general and Secretary General of the Party committee of China Textile Industry Federation; sun Ruizhe, President; Du Yuzhou and Wang Tiankai, former president; Xu Kunyuan, former vice president; Xia Lingmin, former vice president; Chen Weikang, deputy secretary general and executive vice secretary general of the Party committee; Wang Jiuxin, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection; Xu Yingxin, Li Lingshen, Duan Xiaoping, Yang Zhaohua, sun Huaibin, former vice president; Zhang Yankai, former vice president Yang Jichao and other relevant leaders of China Textile Federation, specially invited vice president of the 4th Council of China Textile Federation, member of expert advisory committee and executive director, textile associations of relevant provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, person in charge of industry management office, leading group members of various departments and member units of China Textile Federation, and representatives of innovative figures, etc., attended the event.

    The commendation session was presided over by Chen Weikang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation.
    In the past 2020, China's textile industry has successfully completed the 13th five year plan, basically achieved the goal of becoming a powerful textile country, and achieved a new situation of high-quality development and innovation. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new disease in China. Especially in the face of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, China's textile industry has shown strong development tenacity, making outstanding contributions to the epidemic situation, steady employment, protecting people's livelihood and promoting development. During this period, a large number of textile elites have emerged, which can be regarded as the model of the times. They are reshaping the core competitiveness of China's textile and garment industry in the aspects of intelligent manufacturing, green environmental protection, collaborative innovation, etc., highlighting the significance of benchmarking, setting up an example force, leading and guiding the development of China's textile industry.
    Their innovative spirit has brought strong positive energy for the industry to continue to forge ahead, overcome difficulties, unite as one to innovate, create and start a business. It is precisely because these innovative figures insist on innovation, stick to their own industry, focus on the industrial positioning of "technology, fashion and green", take innovation as the fundamental driving force, and promote the high-quality development of the industry with new vision, new pattern and new mind. To commend, summarize and learn the advanced deeds and successful experiences of these innovative figures is an indispensable spiritual force for building a textile power.

    At the meeting, Xia Lingmin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, read out the "decision on awarding the honorary title of" 13th five year plan "innovator in China's textile industry", "decision on awarding the honorary title of 2020 innovator in China's textile industry" and "decision on awarding the honorary title of 2019 innovator in China's textile industry". The conference commended innovative figures and awarded medals and certificates.

    Chen Jianhua and other 11 comrades won the honorary title of "innovative figures in the 13th five year plan of China's textile industry".

    Wei Jiang and other 20 comrades won the honorary title of "innovative person of the year in China's textile industry in 2019".
    Innovative figures in the 13th five year plan of China's textile industry
    Stable foundation, dream of textile power
    During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the manufacturing foundation of China's textile industry has become more stable, the industrial ecology has been continuously optimized, and the industrial development has leaped to a new level from scale, structure, speed to quality, efficiency and safety. The position of the industry as a pillar industry remains stable, the role of livelihood industry is more prominent, and the advantage of international development is more obvious. The industry has played an irreplaceable role in supporting economic development, balancing the balance of international payments, creating employment space, promoting cultural prosperity, and promoting the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and has made important contributions to building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.
    From the perspective of the core dimensions of "technology, brand, sustainable development and talents" in the construction of "textile power", during the 13th Five Year Plan period, scientific and technological innovation has entered into the coexistence stage of "following, parallel and leading". Brand construction has formed a three-level system including manufacturing brand, consumer brand and regional brand, energy conservation and emission reduction, pollution prevention and control, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and environmental protection We have made positive progress in leading green consumption, and talent construction has actively supported industry innovation and progress.
    Among these innovative figures, there are Liu Xiucai, who shakes the monopoly position of international chemical synthesis giant, innovates the application of biomaterials, and "uses corn to make cashmere sweater"; He Xuping, who has always been actively promoting and leading the green cycle development of the industry, has become an expert in intelligent manufacturing solutions; Zhang Guoliang, who broke the long-term monopoly of foreign countries on China's carbon fiber market and led the team to realize the large-scale and industrialized production of domestic high-performance carbon fiber, and Shen Peirong, who assisted Xinjiang in targeted poverty alleviation and used up every fiber to build a green supply chain, are all famous as the benchmark of enterprise learning and the model of industry entrepreneurship and innovation.
    China's textile industry innovator of the year 2020
    Highlighting industry value and responsibility in crisis
    In 2020, China will go through the haze of epidemic situation, overcome the complicated internal and external situations such as geopolitics, achieve decisive achievements in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, successfully complete the 13th five year plan and complete the 14th five year plan. In this process, China's textile industry, as an important real economy and people's livelihood industry, has shown strong resilience and demonstrated the industry value and responsibility in the new era.
    In 2020, due to the struggle and hard work of the textile people, the main indicators of a powerful textile country have been basically achieved, a new big step forward has been taken in high-quality development, the industry has built a more efficient and higher quality input-output relationship, the industry's manufacturing foundation has been continuously consolidated, the industry's digital, green and lean transformation has been accelerated, and new formats such as live broadcast economy continue to emerge. The textile industry has actively practiced the new development concept and realized the development trend of steady progress.
    Among these innovative figures, they have Wang Rui, an academic leader who overcomes difficulties, and a teacher who builds morality and cultivates people; There are also "national advanced individual in poverty alleviation" ubuliaisan ubulikasmu, who innovates new industrial poverty alleviation model and leads local people to get rich through employment; With continuous brand empowerment and design guidance, China's fashion "shines" on the international Jinming; There are also Zhou Yejun who is committed to intelligent transformation, all-round implementation of enterprise fine management, creation of intelligent workshop, and actively "going out" to accelerate the international layout... They use innovation to illuminate the direction of China's textile development in 2020, in the great change that has not happened in a century.
    Innovative person of the year in China's textile industry in 2019
    Lead the industry to achieve steady growth in the fluctuation
    In 2019, facing the pressure of insufficient market demand and rising trade risks, the textile and garment industry adheres to the supply side structural reform as the main line, changes the mode, optimizes the structure, and transforms the power. The industry realizes "stable growth, benefits people's livelihood, prevents risks, and guarantees stability" in the fluctuation. In 2019, the industry will focus on the general requirements of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, carry out in-depth industrial poverty alleviation, accelerate the innovation and industrialization application of green manufacturing technology, and make important contributions to the three major battles. At the same time, the industry actively develops diversified markets and plays a constructive role in stabilizing foreign trade.
    In 2019, the textile industry adheres to innovation guidance, and effectively improves the basic industrial capacity. Whether it is industrial science and technology innovation capacity, industrial fashion innovation capacity, sustainable development capacity or product development capacity, it has been greatly improved. In this year, the vast majority of indicators of China's textile industry have reached or even led the world's advanced level, The goal of building a strong textile country as planned in the outline of building a strong textile country (2011-2020) has been basically realized.?
    Among these innovative figures, Wei Jiang, who has led a century old enterprise to break through the encirclement of innovation, relies on intelligent management, takes independent research and development as the guide, and makes intelligent transformation; There are also Li Jianquan who always insists that "social value is greater than enterprise value" and strives for change in the field of medical dressings with diversification and high-quality products; Shen Fangyong is committed to "digital, network, intelligent" positioning, constantly bringing forth new things, and intensive cultivation in the field of drawing frame; In addition, Ni Defeng, who led the enterprises to "go out" and actively make overseas layout, listed by backdoor, assisted the enterprise transformation with capital, and opened a new mode of "chemical fiber + Internet"... Their innovation and guidance in various fields have explored a new path for the high-quality development of the textile industry.
    It is worth mentioning that the annual innovative person selection activity of China's textile industry was undertaken by China Textile Magazine entrusted by China Textile Industry Federation in 2005. This year is the 16th, and more than 300 innovative persons have been commended so far. The innovative person selection activity has also become a symbol brand activity of the textile industry.
    "The country depends on talents, and the industry depends on talents" -- grasp the development concept of scientific innovation, adhere to the develop- ment orientation of scientific innovation, and promote the talent strategy of scientific innovation. This is exactly an ideal and a "original intention" that China Textile Industry Federation and China Textile Magazine have chosen as "the annual innovative person of China textile industry" for many years.

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