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U.S. stocks down! European stocks down! Gold price falls! What happened that night?

U.S. stocks down! European stocks down! Gold price falls! What happened that night?

2021-05-05 10:35

      On Tuesday local time, the three major stock indexes of the US stock market opened lower, while technology stocks continued to lead the decline, but the decline narrowed at the end of the day. By the end of the 4th, the Dow was up 0.06%, the S & P was down 0.67%, and the Nasdaq was down 1.88%, falling for three consecutive trading days, the worst one-day performance since March.

US Treasury Secretary John Yellen's comments lead to market volatility

      In the opening two hours or so, U.S. Treasury Secretary John Yellen said that it may be necessary to "raise interest rates at a certain time point to curb the overheating of the U.S. economy". This statement once caused the decline of U.S. stocks to expand again, and the VIX Index, a measure of market panic, immediately rose, up nearly 20%. However, after the close, Yellen made a new statement, saying that he did not forecast or propose an interest rate increase.

      Technology sector giants generally poor performance, all closed down. Apple fell more than 4%, Amazon fell more than 2%, and Facebook, Nafi and Google's parent company alphabet all fell less than 2%. According to market analysis, the sharp decline of technology stocks is mainly due to the market's concern about the unexpected interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve. Moreover, the quarterly profit of the financial report is close to the end, and the US stocks may enter a weak period, but this does not indicate that investors should sell out.

Stephanie Lang, chief investment officer of Holm richberg wealth management company of the United States:

      US stocks are entering a period of seasonal weakness, which I will be cautious about. But the good news is that on the macro level, the US economy is recovering strongly. Even if the US stocks' rising momentum is suspended or there is a decline in US stocks, I think this will be the time to buy.

Technology stocks led the decline, and the three major European stock indexes closed lower on the 4th

      In the European market, science and technology stocks also led the decline on the 4th, and the three major European stock indexes all fell on the same day. By the end of the day, the UK London stock market closed at 6923.17, down 0.67%, while the French Paris stock market closed at 6251.75, down 0.89%; Frankfurt stock market closed at 14856.48, down 2.49%.

International oil price rose on the 4th

      In terms of crude oil market, the market continues to be optimistic about the recovery of oil demand. According to the latest data released by the American Petroleum Institute, as of the week of April 30, U.S. crude oil inventory has decreased by 7.688 million barrels, far exceeding market expectations. At the end of the 4th, the price of New York light crude oil futures for June delivery closed at US $65.69 per barrel, up 1.86%; London Brent crude for July delivery rose 1.95% to $68.88 a barrel.

International gold prices fell on the 4th

      Gold futures prices in New York fell on the 4th, with gold futures for June delivery closing at US $1776 an ounce, down 0.88%. Market analysts believe that the strong US dollar is the main reason for the fall in gold prices on the day.


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